I will feature on a panel discussion to launch Invisible Britain on the
 1st of November at Curzon Cinema, Soho, London.

Aysha Iqbal (left) one of the co-founders of Odara Sanctuary & Spa will feature on a panel discussion following a screening of ‘Sleaford Mods' on Sunday the 4th of November at Centrala, Birmingham.

Addressing an audience of several hundred at the launch of Diaspora Britain, Millennium Point, 2015.


Diaspora Britain received an estimated footfall of 133,000 during October 2015. (4x4 meters, vinyl)

Simmer Down, Handsworth Park, Birmingham, 2015


October 2015 - July 2016: stills photographer, videographer and co-editor of Love Doc (2016):

Following the sold out world premiere at mac Birmingham and well attended subsequent screening's across the UK, director Remi McKenzie was invited to host screenings of Love Doc in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Soweto, South Africa.  More information: #LoveDoc2016